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Is A Canadian A California Resident?

Am I a California tax resident? Do I need to pay taxes in California? At Gedeon Law & CPA, we are frequently asked these questions by Canadians who spend time in California for work or play or both. As the only firm licensed in California and Ontario, Canada, we regularly
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California Tax Filing with a Canadian Spouse

Our previous article discussed the concept of California domicile and the application of California community property rules to Canadians domiciled in the state.  This article is the second installment in our series of articles dealing with how California community property laws
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Canadian Rental Property Owned By A Non-Resident

Gedeon Law & CPA has many Canadian clients who depart Canada to become US tax residents while leaving a Canadian rental property behind. In fact, for our Canadian clients who do not want to sell their Canadian principal residence before departing Canada, we recommend
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U.S. Tax on Canada/Australia Rental Property

It’s no surprise many Canadians and Australians moving to the US choose to rent out, rather than sell, their properties back home. With a strong rental market and housing price valuations in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Sydney and Melbourne, the return on investment from
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US Tax on Your Canadian Investments

Canadian residents who emigrate from Canada are generally deemed to have disposed of their capital property equal to the fair market value on the date of emigration, with any resulting gain or loss subject to Canadian tax (“Departure Tax”). For Canadians emigrating to
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