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Canadian Taxes for US Residents

IRS Helps Canadians With Unreported FBAR Accounts

With today being Canada Day, there are many reasons for Canadians to be happy. Whether your’re relaxing with a cold Molson at the cottage or following the NHL Free Agent Frenzy to see how good(or bad in the Maple Leafs case) your team did in the free agent market, Canada Day is a
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US Tax on Alimony Received From a Canadian

While most people know that alimony is normally taxable income to the recipient and tax deductible by the payer, in the case of cross border taxes, alimony can be received tax free while the payer still gets a tax deduction. Let’s look at an example where this would apply. Eliza
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Moving to the US? Don’t Use Your Parent’s Mailing Address

Does this fact pattern sound familiar? Gordie is a Canadian who leaves Canada and takes up residence in the United States. Like many Canadians, Gordie decides to leave his investments behind in Canada and changes the address with his financial institutions to his parents’
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US Tax on Your Canadian Investments

Canadian residents who emigrate from Canada are generally deemed to have disposed of their capital property equal to the fair market value on the date of emigration, with any resulting gain or loss subject to Canadian tax (“Departure Tax”). For Canadians emigrating to
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