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October 26, 2013

Should You Rollover Your 401K or IRA to a RRSP?

We recently had a client contact us about rolling over her tax deferred US retirement accounts to a Canadian RRSP. With many Canadians deciding to leave the US in favor of returning to live permanently in Canada, the question of what to do with a 401K and IRA comes up frequently.
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Husband & Wife Board Meetings Tax Deductible?

Can a husband and wife claim a tax deduction for a corporate board of directors meeting where they are the only participants? Well, according to the IRS audit manual, the answer is no. Per the IRS audit manual, “Board meetings between husband and wife are not ordinary and
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Combine Business and Pleasure Travel

Later this month, I’ll be traveling back home to Toronto to enjoy the city’s vibrant culture and hopefully some Maple Leafs hockey. Part of my trip will include attending a 3 day cross-border tax conference in Toronto to get the continuing education credits required
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