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Business Taxes

How To Write Off $14,000 To Hold Business Meetings In Your Home

This little tax tip I’m about to share will let you write off an extra $14,000/year for your business while putting the money in your pocket tax free. At this time of year, you are probably thinking it’s time to hold your annual board of director, partnership or
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How To Fully Deduct Your Holiday Party

It’s that time of year when you’re probably planning your company’s holiday/employee party. Having a holiday party is fun, especially when alcohol is being consumed. Who doesn’t love discussing those embarrassing holiday party moments on Monday morning
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Deduction for Personal Car Used for S Corporation

So you operate your business as an S corporation. Like many business owners, you probably use your personal car to conduct business for the corporation. Say you make regular sales calls and drive a total of 30,000 miles a year. The car is registered in your own name, not the S
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Health Savings Account (HSA) Payments By S Corporation

S Corporations (Corp) produce several tax benefits as compared to sole proprietorships, partnerships, and C corporations. The big benefit, and the one that people usually talk about, is the payroll tax savings. Using an S Corp for your business can also carry tax detriments. With
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