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Canadian Tax Returns

Gedeon Law & CPA are specialists in the area of US-Canada cross border taxes. We focus on US-Canada cross border taxation matters with an emphasis on tax preparation, tax planning and tax compliance for clients who live, work, invest and/or conduct business in both the United States and Canada. Our years of experience in cross border tax matters will ensure your taxes are managed in a professional, competent and timely manner.

By engaging Gedeon Law & CPA, you benefit from our expertise in both the U.S. and Canadian tax systems. Our ability to assist you in dealing with the various complexities and compliance issues that accompany cross border tax matters provides you with assurance that you will pay the minimum legal taxes and avoid penalties.

In addition, we are Certifying Acceptance Agents registered with the IRS to assist Canadians in obtaining U.S. taxpayer identification numbers (ITIN). We provide comprehensive US tax services to Canadians, including:

  • Tax preparation for Canadians living, working or investing in the US
  • Tax planning for Canadians moving to the US
  • Self employed Canadians providing services in the US
  • Canadians buying and selling US properties
  • Canadians owning US rental properties
  • Reporting Canadian financial accounts in the US, e.g FBAR, Form 8938
  • Determining US and Canadian tax residency status and any applicable exemptions
  • Filing Canadian departure return and deemed disposition
  • US-Canada Tax Treaty elections to eliminate double taxation
  • Claiming Canadian foreign tax credits in the US
  • Taxation of CPP/OAS in the US
  • Social Security-CPP equalization
  • Reporting requirements for RRSP, TSFA, RESP accounts in the US
  • Tax advice for Canadians returning to Canada
  • Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative
  • US tax reporting of Canadian inheritances
  • Canadian tax positions; evaluation of US estate tax issues for Canadian residents holding US investments (including US real estate), and related tax planning; and tax planning.

We also provide comprehensive Canadian tax services to Americans, including:

  • Canadian tax return preparation, including all provincial returns
  • Tax planning for Americans moving to Canada
  • Americans buying and selling Canadian properties
  • Americans owning Canadian rental properties
  • Transferring US retirement accounts to Canada